Dopey 334: Mackenzie Phillips! Fame, IV Cocaine, trauma, arrest, heroin, recovery

This week on Dopey! Rock and Roll Royalty, Film and Television icon and drug addict extraordinaire Mackenzie Phillips calls into on the show! We get a potent dose of honesty as McKenzie takes us on a tour of her storied past. The daughter of The Mommas and the Papa’s architect and legendary junky, John Phillips, Mackenzie has seen done, seen, smoked and shot it all. Appearing in the classic 70’s film, American Graffiti, and then starring in  Norman Lear’s hit TV show, One Day at a Time. We hear the rise and fall of a true Dopey Legend. From sexual trauma, to arrests, recovery, relapse and back to recovery again we are overjoyed to present a Dopey for the ages! 

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