Dopey 338: Drug Store Cowboys with Michael Todd, Heroin, Coke, Coheed and Cambria, Robbery, Jail,

This week on Dopey! We are joined by founding Coheed and Cambria bass player, Michael Todd who courageously shares his epic Dopey journey from upstate New York and back again. Touring the world, culminating in opiate addiction and a crime that would forever change his life. Michael brings the Dopey, the humility and the honesty to a super raw and honest foray down the road of drugs, addiction and of course a little bit of dumb shit! Then we are rejoined by author and unlicensed advice columnist Erin Khar for a little recap and an ask Erin question and answer! PLUS! My dad pops in before the ending of a super powerful new episode of Dopey!   

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