Dopey 317: SMI, Sascha Dubrul, Bipolar Disorder, NYC, punk, anarchist, recovery, drugs, alcoholism

This week on Dopey! In a super different type of show we are joined by Dave’s childhood friend Sascha Altman DuBrul. Dave and Sacha talk about growing up in Manhattan, and the major sign posts on Sascha’s incredible journey through the anarchist punk rock wonderland of the Lower East Side, where he got deep into the scene, playing bass and writing songs for the renowned NYC ska punk band, Choking Victim. Sascha then hopped freight trains across the country and ultimately had a psychotic break getting diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  He became an American activist, and co-founded The Icarus Project, an international community support network and media project, redefining the language and culture of mental health and illness. 

Plus Dopey legend of law enforcement, Butchie a.k.a T.J comes over to Dave’s house on Long Island to hang out on the show! We also hear a classic Dopey voicemail and much much more on this new style, old school episode of Dopey!

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