Dopey 305: Hitting ’em with the Maximum Fire Dopey with Skinny Vinny! Nitrous, Liquid LSD, Heroin, Dealing, Homelessness, Jackass, Recovery

This week on Dopey! The flood gates open again with this straight up, crazy town fire episode with Skinny Vinny. We hear Vinny’s comprehensive and robust Dopey history as he begins his fantastic drug journey getting high with his mom. His use escalates as does his business acumen and we find Vinny slinging 5 dollar fatties at Phish shows, and soon after going deep into opiates only to bottom out homeless living in a port-o-potty. Vinny eventually finds his sweet sobriety while making the rounds at sober livings in California where he discovers Zach-ass, and his life long dream of making crazy comedy videos and having fun is finally achieved. All that plus Dopey emails on an impossibly Dopey episode of Dopey. 

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