Dopey 278: The Old School Punk Rock Dopey with Mike Martt, Aurora and copious amounts of LSD.

This week on Dopey! Super friend of the show Mike Martt, the guitarist from Thelonious Monster and Tex and the Horseheads as well as one third of the Don’t Die Podcast finally comes on to Dopey! We hear all about growing up in Southern California and coming up in the classic punk scene in the 1980’s. Mike tells us of the highs and lows of touring as a drug addict in a punk rock band. Ultimately we learn how the community of sober musicians in LA helped bring Mike into recovery. ALSO! Dave’s old friend Aurora is back, talking trauma, her 5 year itch, and reminiscing about LSD and cookies laced with THC. PLUS an international Dopey voicemail and a little bit more! On a chicken stock making, cocaine smoking, needle boot cramming, meeting maker making classic new old school episode of Dopey.

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