Dopey 265: SLAINE, Ecstacy, Ben Affleck, la Coka Nostra, Cocaine, Alcoholism, Recovery

This week on Dopey! We are joined by Bostonian hip-hop legend and Hollywood actor extraordinaire, Slaine. Slaine brings the Dopey, as he takes us through his addict timeline from his terrible PCP smoking teens to his alcoholic and coke head bottom. Slaine found himself in a state of desperate oblivion after finding huge success with Ben Affleck and touring the world in legendary hip hop group, La Coka Nostra. He then gets super honest about his recovery and how he reclaimed his life in the early years of fatherhood.  PLUS a sobering and bananas voicemail straight out of Kensington, a bad review and much more on this love addicted, acid eating, bath salts snorting, Ben Affleck movie acting in, all that and more on the number one rated alternative health podcast in El Salvador also known as Dopey. 

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