Dopey 263: That Classic Dopey Shit with CK, Heroin, Cocaine, Recovery, Freedom

This week on Dopey! Friend of Chris, Dopey Nation member, Great Barrington Native, Dope fiend, coke shooter and recovering alcoholic/addict CK calls in to tell his monstrous drug history and his fight to get back to sanity and sobriety. CK brought the dopey and ended it telling a story of shooting coke whilst on acid whilst camping, a dopey gem! Plus his sincere recovery and his work helping other addicts.  PLUS a voicemail update from the latest Dopey ‘toodles for Chris’ scholarship recipient, Dave’s disgusting needles, Dave’s trouble driving and much more. On a paper towel chewing, tooth chipping, alias giving, nitrous wanting, Halloween hating new episode of Dopey!

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