Dopey 258: DJ Fat Tony spins some serious Dopey, coke, meth, heroin, Madonna, Prince, Cookie Monster

This week on Dopey! Straight from the West End of London, legendary Disc Jockey, taste maker and super hardcore drug addict, DJ Fat Tony calls in and drops the ridiculous Dopey! We hear all about his first line of coke with Freddie Mercury and his meteoric rise on the London club scene. He tells us of his evolution as a drug addict DJ, spinning records for some of the biggest legends in music history, staying as high as possible, before plummeting into catastrophic cocaine and meth psychosis. It is a doozy! All that plus bad reviews, good voicemails and much much more, on a cookie baking, money taking, teeth yanking, glory hole wanking, opium booting, never shooting new episode of your favorite podcast My Favorite Murder, just kidding it’s Dopey.

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