Dopey 240: Hit ’em with the Dopey with Jessica Kent; Heroin, Meth, Prison, Guns

This week on Dopey! Youtube and podcast sensation, ex-convict Jessica Kent calls in and hits us with the super hardcore dopey. We learn all about Jessica’s sordid past; dealing heroin, going on the lamb and eventually getting busted selling meth in Arkansas. Just when it couldn’t get crazier, Jessica discovers that she is a few weeks pregnant when she got to prison. She regales us with tales of prison life including some gnarly fights over 50 cent pizza sauce packets. Plus we hear from Alan on the run in upstate New York to criticize Dave, and read some reviews. Also! a special bonus song from Bob Forrest and Mike Mart.  All that and a little bit more a super duper, dopey ass, wicked fire episode of dopey.

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