Dopey 229: That Old Time Dopey Show, Alan, Harold, Joe, Bath Salts, DMT, Copping Dope, Corona Virus, Crack, Toast, Howard Stern

This week on Dopey! Dave and company go super old school, we hear everything on drugs, addiction and dumb shit. From copping, to abuse to crashing to recovery. Hear about Dave’s broken tooth, Alan on the Corona Virus. Harold celebrating 1 year! Joe Schrank on Chris Taylor and the power of compassion. Plus emails, voice mails, and much much more including Dave’s Dominican friend Toasts debut on the show. Also finally hear Dave’s appearance on the Howard Stern show from 1999, and a new Dopey verse! Plus much, much, much more on a brand spanking new uber dopey episode of dopey. Putting the drugs, addiction and dumb shit back into the best podcast about drugs, addiction and dumb shit! Don’t miss it!!!!! 

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