Dopey 222: Stealing Dopey, Helping Addicts, Ketosis, Heroin Withdrawal, Ecstacy

This week on Dopey! First old friend and collaborator Brad calls in to stake his claim on Dopey. Then Brad and I take a walk down memory lane to recount how I fucked up our TV show and my life. After that we are joined by addict/alcoholic/podcast host/sober living owner and most importantly Rabbi, Asher G to hear his story of how his life of trauma, depression, addiction and suicidal tendencies turned to a spiritual life in recovery. And lastly, Linda finally returns to talk ketosis and to hear voicemails, read emails and reviews! PLUS a new original song by Alien Thing!!!! And much much more on a play the tape out, dope kicking, Suge Knight Blessing, Ketosis missing episode of Dopey! 

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