Dopey 168 – Joe Schrank, Laurie Dhue, Linda, MAT, Sober House, Weed, Suboxone, Methadone Coke at the White House, Artie Lange

In the first show of 2019 we welcome back Remedy Recovery owner, friend of the show and all around big mouth, Joe Schrank. We hear his opinion on medicated assisted treatment and some of his remembrances of Chris. Like that time Chris tripped Ecstacy while managing Joe’s sober loft in Brooklyn surrounded by bottles of clients urine. Then we hear from major Network News anchor Laurie Dhue. Laurie drops a little Dopey, like the time she was blowing lines before meeting George Bush at the White House. She also reflects on her many years in recovery. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, the vivacious, beautiful and brilliant Linda joins Dave. They talk about his recent and traumatic trip to the dentist for a dreaded tooth extraction, and on breaking the million downloads barrier. They also get into thoughts on New Years and we hear the latest in the Dopey saga that is Artie Lange. Plus reviews, a voicemail, a new, possibly worst installment of the Stash Word and much much more on the first Dopey Episode of the year. 

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