A Very Dopey Christmas. The returns of Jay, Annie, Nick Reiner and Dave’s dad, Alan

On this very Dopey Christmas, old school dopey guest, indie rocker, and sober heroin addict, Jay returns to kick a little Dopey and a bit of recovery. We hear some classic tales of huffing computer cleaner, smoking crack in high school and shooting speedballs. We also reflect on Chris’s death and hear from his beloved girlfriend Annie about how she is doing 5 months after his tragic death. Nick Reiner then begins gaying up the yule tied in the form of a seasons greetings phone call and an announcement that he is supposedly newly sober. And finally we hear some old school Dopey criticism form beloved Dopey contributor and Dave’s dad, Alan. All that plus voicemails, Free Fallin’, Amy Dressner, Bob Forrest  and more on a very Dopey Christmas.

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