Dopey 162 – The Dopey Thanksgiving Spectacular with Bob Forrest and Andy Dick!

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving Dopes! In a special Thanksgiving release in honor of gratitude, turkey and what not, here is the Dopey Thanksgiving Spectacular featuring the great Bob Forrest and Andy Dick! First Bob lays it down on gratitude, the brush fires that recently raged through California, his thoughts on Suboxone, his past on Methadone, lipstick lesbians, and a killer Steve Jones story. Then the hilarious and legendary ne’er do well Andy Dick graces us with a phone call where he tells of his dissatisfaction with recovery, his sex addiction, alcoholism, his love of hotel life, and an eerie GHB story that totally recalls our old friend Chris.  All this plus much much more on a very special Dopey Thanksgiving Spectacular!

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