Dopey 159 – A Dopey Marathon – Linda, Heroin, Overdosing on the Mississippi with Jeremy and Buzz, Weed, Marc Maron, Tim from Dank Recovery Memes, on selling organs, drugs and Recovery

Dopey 159 – In another 2 hour plus episode of Dopey we are once again joined by Dave’s lovely partner, Linda to reminisce on some of the dumb things that Dave did to almost cost them their family. We hear an unbelievably amazing voicemail from Jeremy Turner and Buzz on overdosing on the Mississippi River. We discuss the nature of trust in a relationship with addicts and children. Fucking Marc Maron shows up on the street where Dave works, and joins Dave for breakfast. Tim from Dank Recovery Memes calls in to tell about how he tried to sell most of his organs. He also talks meme making, using, and most important his recovery. Maria leaves a celebratory voicemail, Forever in Debt and much much more on another extremely long episode of Dopey.

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