Dopey 157: Wall to Wall Dopey. Sam, from Heroin to Crack, Methadone Minute: Sizzurp, Acid trip to bloody near Death, Brian’s Drug collection, goofballs and overdoses.

Wall to Wall Dopey. Dave’s friend Sam returns on the phone and tells how he started his crippling crack addiction.  He also shares a horrible drunk driving tale, smashing his car into a cabin. Dave takes the temperature of the Dopey Nation on the potential of Dopey Con 2019. In a controversial Methadone Minute: we hear possibly the most horrible voice memo ever played on dopey all about the terrifying substance known as Sizzurp.   Dave reads his super shmaltzy Dopey speech award for the Enlighten Wellness Symposium. We play an amazing voicemail from Evan in Atlanta where he almost dies during a crazy acid trip. And finally Brian Unc Albert call in to catch us up on his recovery, his relapses, his drug collection and his latest overdose, where he was revived with 4 hits of Narcan. All that, plus the vestiges of the Vice feud and much, much more on a very long, yet special drug fueled episode of Dopey. 

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