Dopey 156: The Vice Wars: Dopesick Nation, Allie Severino, Vice, Viceland, relapse, Florida, Hotgirlfuckedbylife, Anal sex, poppy seed tea

In Episode 156, my friends Jim and Greg return to finally delve into the story of the Viceland ‘Dopesick Nation’ contreversy. We hear from Sam and Alana aka ‘Hot Girl Fucked By Life’ and their take on the war with Dopesick Nation and Viceland. We also hear about Alana’s sobriety and what it’s like living in sobriety with people who aren’t sober. We also actually hear from Alli Severino of Dopesick Nation, to hear her take on the feud. We also hear about her show, her recovery and hear a story from her using days. We also read a crazy email from Ace who tells some crazy stories of poppy seeed tea, getting high and seeking recovery. Also my dad tell’s his famous 7-11 story, the future of the Othello cookie, Greg’s freestyle and much, much more on this weeks Dopey!

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