DOPEY 150: The Return of Brandon Novak aka Crazy Long Dopey, Dave’s friend Justin, Origin of Good so Bad, Ibogaine, Meth, Getting busted, Ska music, Mission to Canada and much, much more!

This week on possibly the longest Dopey episode ever, Dave’s friend Justin joins Dave in Alan’s kitchen to reminisce on Chris, Dopey, and how they co-wrote Good So Bad. Jeremy Turner sends in a crazy fire voicemail of uncontrolled meth and oxy feuled debauchery. Then best selling Author, pro skater turned heroin addict, Jackass Star turned inspirational speaker,  and so much more Brandon Novak calls in to kick the old school Dopey. Then Justin and Dave go over the classic Dopey Dave gets Ibogaine story. And much much more! Excelsior!

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