Dopey131: Dead Meth Owl, Jessa Reed, Drinking Meth Piss, Shooting Meth in Neck, Goofballs, Mormon and the Meth-Head

Comedian Jessa Reed calls in and tells us all about her tweaker days. Stories include carrying a dead owl around for weeks and trying to breathe life into it via meth smoke, and drinking her own piss (repeatedly) because it had traces of methamphetamine. Jessa, a dopey hall-of-famer, also tells us how she finally got clean after a decade of pure debauchery. Check out Jessa’s podcast, the Mormon and the Meth-Head. We play a voicememo from Korey about the time he shot a goofball and ran from the non-existant police for three hours straight and tore his MCL. Episode brought to you by the I Am Sober app, a great way to track your milestones in recovery. 

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