Dopey112: Dopey Nation Death, Hotgirlfuckedbylife, Andrew, Pharmacist, Tim Robbins, Toy Soldiers

We reminisce about a recently deceased Dopey Nation member, Andrew. We read an email from Mandy, an ex-pharmacist who used to steal drugs, who is now clean and sober. Chris tells the story about the time he met Tim Robbins. We get interviewed by a blogger, Kali. And last, but certainly not least, ex-model Alana (@hotgirlfuckedbylife) calls in and shares a some of her story/sobriety. One of her stories includes gettings paid $300/hr to have sushi ate off her naked body on Wall street… and then accidently snorthing a huge amount of ketamine… and then running out into the street and passing out barefoot. 

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