Dopey97: Alexis Neiers, Bling Ring, Good Counselors, Oxycontin, Black Tar Heroin, CBD, Pretty Wild, TMZ

We talk about what makes a good counselor after playing a voice memo from someone who works in the treatment field. Alexis Neiers (Pretty Wild) calls in and tells us about her life in active addiction and recovery. She talks about using heroin (and smuggling drugs in her vagina) while recording her reality show. One of her stories involved lighting another woman’s hair on fire with a cigarette and a hit and run with her car. Alexis goes on to share what it took to get sober at a young age. She talks about her early involvement in AA and her eventual decision to distance herself from the program. Alexis also shares her thoughts on recovery, the blessings of sobriety, and her hopes and aspirations for the addiction treatment field. 

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