Dopey96: Hope after Heroin, Tenderloin, Abscesses, Tracey Helton Mitchell, Erowid, Isolation Tank

Tracey Helton Mitchell (Hope after Heroin) calls in and tells us about her using days and recovery. Tracey shares about using the same syringe for a year, being the “abscess queen,” having a 70 year old sugar daddy when she was in her twenties, and other hardcore tales. Now Tracey is almost 20 years sober, a great mother, an author, and a positive force in the treatment world. We play a voice memo from Samuel in Australia about the time he ate a bunch of opium in the airport, nearly shit himself, and passed out. Chris talks about Erowid. Dave described a recent encounter with a whale while swimming. Lastly, we close with Cormac’s versoin of “Good so Bad”… his 7 year old son provided the backup vocals. 

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