Dopey90: Prison, Jerking off on Meth, Released into Captivity, Chino, Gender Fluidity, Anal Sex, Seizures, Daniel Herron, Southsiders

We read a high octance email from Australia about the time James shot too much MDMA and went into a psychotic episode – when the police came he asked them to “fuck him in the arse,” and his boyfriend had to let him “suck his dick so he wouldnt jump of the balacony.” Dave tells the story about the time he seized on a lofted bed, fell off, and landed on a bong on the floor. Chris talks about how he confused gender fluidity with sexual fluidity and painted a bizarre picture to his female classmate. Lastly, and certainly not leastly, we call Daniel Herron from the “Released in Captivity” podcast. Daniel spent 10 years in prison, including some time in the same county jail as Chris. He talks about his new podcast and tells us some prison stories – including the time he preemptively gave his clothes to an inmate named “Psycho”… and ended up calling out all of the Southsiders when “Psycho” wouldnt return the clothes. Also […]

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