Dopey88: Bob Forrest, Bufo Alvarius Frog, DMT, Shooting Meth, Shooting Cocaine, Sister Morphine, Artie Lange, Marc Maron

Bob Forrest (Celebrity Rehab, Thelonious Monster) calls in again and talks about shooting cocaine and hiding in a tree with a famous musician because he was psychotic and thought the cops were coming. He also tells the story of his friend who cut a piece of his leg off to study under a microscope because there were “worms” in it (he was also shooting cocaine). Bob rips the medical community/pharmaceutical industry a new one because of the opioid epidemic, and he tells us about his new podcast “Dont Die.” Dave plays “Sister Morphine.” Chris talks about shooting vodka and crushed up psych meds. Chris ponders whether midgits have a difficult time shooting up because they have small hands. Chris talks about the Bufo Alvarius frog (DMT frog) and tells the story of a friend that smoked the frog after it died (it didnt do anything). We play an awesome “Theme Song Challenge” enrty from Kristinn F in Iceland. We read an email from someone who shot meth and took a really hot bath… and then had to go to the emergency room. Also a bunch of other stuff…

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