Dopey78: Narcan, Antabuse, Random Guy High on the Street, Robbing Diamonds, Carl’s Jr, Overdose

Dave plays a recording from a person he bumped into on the street (at 7am) who was high on cocaine and trying to get a call girl. Chris talks about the origins of antabuse and what its like to drink while on the medication…. and how he used to swap out the pills when his ex girlfriend administered them. We play a recording from Daniel about the time he stole diamonds to support his drug addiction… and then had a random little girl hid him in her backyard while the police were looking for him. Lastly, we read an amazing email from Rob about a time he overdosed and his dog scratched his back raw from trying to wake him up… and about a time he lost his drugs in the snow in Brooklyn… and crawled through slush for hours looking for them.

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