1st Shot of Cocaine and Pants around Legs (from ? in CT)

Hey guys…

Just thought I’d drop a line and let you know I’m really enjoying the podcast.  Knowing that I have a new episode to listen to on the drive takes some of the sting out of my Monday morning commute to work.  I really like the recent episode where you talked about your first time shooting coke.  It had me laughing and remembering mine:

I used to get my dope not far from Dave’s place back then, from a place on 7th st between B & C they called the Laundromat.  It was reliably dope, and the spot was rarely ever hot.  When it was hot they’d make all us junkies keep moving until it cooled off, so there’d be this ridiculous parade of dope fiends circling the block.  It was like musical chairs and you wanted to be close when they reopened so you could be first in line.  During one of these parades I ended up walking alongside a kid about my age (I was 19 I think), and he told me he knew another spot that should be open and had good dope.  I went with him and we copped at the other spot – I think it was right on St. Mark’s (crazy to think of a spot right there now).

The guy, who’s name I think was Eric, also bought little $5 portions of coke wrapped in tinfoil.  When he heard I’d never shot coke he insisted on fixing me up a shot.  We couldn’t go into any of the local places with bathrooms because the ones I was allowed into he was banned from and vice versa, so he fixed my shot in a payphone, one of those like half-booths with the glass around the phone.  He was banned from most places in the area, and he actually lived in the space above one of those metal roll-down security doors that the stores have in the city.   Eric stood guard while I did the shot, and as soon as I did it, and the stuff hit my brain, I puked all over the pay phone.  I remember turning to face him, puke dripping from my chin, with a huge grin fixed on my face.  He just nodded and laughed.  I still laugh when I think about the poor fuck who tried to use that payphone next.

The other time that sticks out was also in Alphabet City at the Odessa Restaurant (not sure if it’s still there on A).  I used to go there and get an order of mashed potatoes and a coke and then use their bathroom to shoot coke a few times before coming down with my shot of dope.  I once did such a bellringer in their bathroom that I walked back out into a crowded restaurant with my pants around my knees.  The waiter was yelling at me that I had to go, and I couldn’t speak – I could only make that weird croaking noise.

I also liked the bit about drug songs – mostly because I think it’s hilarious that a dope fiend like Chris had never heard “I’m Waiting For the Man.”  I thought of a few of my faves –

Palmcorder Yajna (The Mountain Goats)

Junkie’s Runnin’ Dry (Operation Ivy)

Quetzalcoatl Love Song (Spider Bags)

Punks in the Beerlight (Silver Jews)

Keep up the awesome work guys.  If you actually do read any of this on the podcast please just change my name.


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