The Phone Box (from Maurice in Australia)

Hey Dopey,

I gotta good drug story that maybe you could use? In the early 90s lots of cheap smack hit Melbourne. My two cousins let me have a room at a swat. Mark ODed now dead, and Shaun maybe dead but written off nobody has seen him in a few years and that was after a stabbing (classy).

When they were active they were tuff, they ran our area. And looked after lots of people and made a good income selling Pot, Speed, and Brown. Anyway the story,

One night… To 3 nights. They had a bunch of people over buying, trying and using coke, smack, speed. We had a dude we all knew called Ivan. Next thing you know Ivan has overdosed, not breathing, cold, gone. It had been a few hours since anybody noticed. They freaked. They went 15 mins drive to dump Ivan near a park where he was known to score so it looked like he dropped there, but they saw some people they knew so they left and we’re starting to freak out. Frustrated. They said fuck it and dumped him in a phone booth about another mile away. They returned to the house, played it cool. Only a couple cared or knew about Ivan’s departure.

3 hours later the phone rang (back before mobiles). It was Ivan… He said he was covered in vomit and how the hell did he end up in this phone box.

Secretly my cousins would tell that story and laugh their asses off.

They nicknamed Ivan TELSTRA after the Australian phone company.

It dose not sound like much now but I look back on how little they gave a fuck about a friends life, and in that circle they find that story so funny .


Please do another season.

But with more rip off storys,

Witch I have a few of myself.

I tell my mates about dopey. But they don’t give a fuck.



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