The Chinese Exchange Student (from “G” in Connecticut)

I remember the day it happened, I had a Chinese exchange student who was staying with me for a week. I feel bad now, I brought him with me to cop dope, telling him it was an American thing to do, to meet someone quickly in their car in the ghetto. I got home and immediately got in the bathroom and got to it, It was grey, rocky with short intense legs (duration). I walked outside and started blowing my nose (I snorted, was going to Iv day I got caught but was stopped) quickly since I knew something was not right, I was getting tunnel vision and falling over when I walked. Thank god I wasn’t Iving or else it would have been an instant lights out. Man I feel bad for that Chinese exchange student, I stole 800 Yen from his wallet and exchanged it at a bank to score another half after I finished a quarter left from yesterdays score. I would bring him to the mall and public places and half the time I would be in the bathroom snorting heroin, I have no clue how he did not catch on to my ways. On his last night we went to Outback steakhouse where I waited 30 minutes in a stall snorting heroin and popping a few Xanaxs and drove to the gas station to pick up smokes, forgetting about him. I drove back an hour later and told him I was meeting a friend and blaming it on “american traditions”.

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