Methadone Piss Vampires – AUDIO (from Steve in the U.K.)

Enjoyed the last podcast, glad you got your review 🙂 well deserved as I am a part of dopey nation. After listening to the recovery story, I have something about the UK methadone experience, you don’t pay for methadone because of UKs NHS so it’s just a joke to be honest, as I’m sure you know, but highlighting it can be fun, thought I would start with this recorded story about Methadone Piss Vampires, cut if needed etc… Thought I’d do a dabauchary based story next. Have an excellent one about getting arrested tripping on shrooms with a 5 foot iguana, this happened at a local convenience store and have newspaper clipping. Anyhows, toodles for now and let me know what ya think. Take care man, toodles keep up the good work. Hope you got my mails about being out of the area at the weekend. Peace, love and fucking. Steve

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